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About Us

The Berrycove name is proudly borne by its first traceable British owners at the time of colonial rule. Featuring one of the glorious kingdoms we set amidst a serene village called Wellawa which is an outskirt of the Kingdom of Kurunegala. Our newly renovated rooms and suites boast of thoughtful spaces and interiors to help you realize your vision of comfort. We are committed to provide recreational amenities for our guests inspired by exquisite Asian flair. We invite you to re-kindle your love for sumptuous home cooking as we prepare all the elements for a great get together with family & friends amidst the scenic view. Let the serenity sink in and let your soul comfort in a perfect place of rest. The turquoise blue swimming pool lies a few feet away from the veranda and calls out for a refreshing plunge. We believe that our prestigious, local heritage puts Berrycove in a unique position to satisfy the expectations of the stylish and discerning guest. It’s not just to simply provide a hotel bed and a meal. At Berrycove it’s all about bringing a story to life. We believe that the stillness of this rural village calm will truly rejuvenate you in this cozy serene retreat. Make your next vacation a memorable one with us.

Bungalow Berrycove



Village Cuisine

Tantalize your taste buds with scrumptious local dishes. We dish up alluring desserts and many other sweets such as “laveriya” and “halapa” to sweeten your stay. Embark on a delightfully sensuous culinary journey with our Executive Chef Kumara’s renowned signature dish- “Pol sambol”


Swimming Pool

After a long day of traveling or sightseeing, there’s nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool. If you’re looking to make a splash on your next vacation, dive into the most exquisite pool which is a few feet away from the bungalow with a cool granite stone deck nestled under huge mango trees. It’s a perfect location to sit back and bask in a blend of hot sun and cool breeze.



Relax your stay and realize your vision of comfort in our rooms which are set to accommodate your needs complemented with our exceptional guest services of genuine Berrycove hospitality. The 2 double rooms with attached washrooms on the left wing and the interconnected family room with another attached washroom on the right wing are all well laid out with comfortable, classy, colonial style furniture, ambient lighting and a jungle green along with a crisp white linen theme.


Fauna & Flora

Perfect location to spot the flying marvels in Sri Lanka as well as migrants from neighboring regions. Visit us and capture the moments beyond the aperture if you’re keen on bird watching. One can also find out a diverse number of indigenous medicinal plants if you’re willing to observe.


A sense of rural feeling

A stay with us will guarantee you a peaceful experience amidst the quiet lush environment of the bungalow. Leave your exhausting life for a moment and refresh yourself around the acreage of swaying coconut trees together with bounty of greenery accompanied with rural beauty. Across the estate you will then be pleasantly welcomed to a spot with a lake full of pink lotuses and a carpet of endless green paddy-fields.


Working Estate

The guests can take a tour around the vast extent of the coconut plantation. During coconut plucking season they can experience the whole operation from plucking to stacking of coconuts. This will a be a huge experience and a remarkable chance to your life.